Amrit Pharmaceuticals



Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What kind of customer service does Amrit Pharma provide?
A: Amrit Pharma distinguishes itself by its accommodating and flexible customer service process. Amrit Pharma understands the importance of its clients’ businesses and the dynamic nature of the drug development process. Amrit Pharma has developed a customer service culture that involves developing interactive, face-to-face relationships with its clients and delivering services that respond to, and anticipate its customers’ changing needs. Amrit Pharma’s project development managers are highly experienced and offer their customers well thought-out services ranging from detailed quotes for service proposals to data and record delivery. Amrit Pharma takes ownership of its clients’ projects and develops client partnerships aimed at finding optimal product solutions.

Q: What is Amrit Pharma's area of expertise?
A:Amrit Pharma specializes in parenterals with cGMP (Schedule M) pharmaceutical manufacturing with analytical and bioanalytical testing services.

Q: Why should a client outsource its pharmaceutical development to Amrit Pharma?
A:The Company's expertise and industry knowledge extend across a wide spectrum of pharmaceutical product development services, from analytical services to GMP manufacture, and across multiple therapeutic domains.

 Amrit Pharma's project teams operate as extensions of its clients organizations. By handing over the project management process to Amrit Pharma, customers can focus on what they do best; growing their own businesses. Amrit Pharma takes ownership of its clients work and develops continuing relationships that often go beyond the scope of a single project.

 Amrit Pharma has strong internal regulatory and quality assurance abilities and a strong understanding of the FDA drug approval process.

Q: How reactive is Amrit Pharma to its client schedules?
A:As a part of its focused customer service strategy, Amrit Pharma moves its customers at a rapid rate through the pharmaceutical product development timeline. Knowing that the entire drug development and approval process can absorb significant amounts of time, Amrit Pharma has developed the operational capability to expedite development time without having its customers wait in queue. Our clients have often characterized Amrit Pharma as a ‘quick turnaround company’.

Q: How would you characterize Amrit Pharma's management team?
A:Amrit Phamra has assembled a management and advisory team with extensive pharmaceutical and business experience. Amrit Pharma's project leaders have advanced technical backgrounds and take an ownership approach to managing their projects.

Q: Does Amrit Pharma provide quality assurance?
A:Yes, our dedicated, industry experienced quality assurance and regulatory departments ensure that our facility and our team meet the highest levels of regulatory compliance while working with our clients. Amrit Pharma's state of the art manufacturing facilities are in compliance with GMP and have passed many client Quality Assurance audits.